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Dear friend,

Have you ever imagined your ideal life...?

Financial freedom and total control of your life…

Having more cash coming into your business at time when even your fiercest competition is struggling to make ends meet…

Knowing that no matter the economy, you could network in a matter of seconds with other like-minded individuals and get all your questions answered by a team of experts…

I know you'd feel great!

Now the most exciting part – how would you spend your money?

Perhaps you'd take more holidays than you do right now.

Maybe you'd spend far more time with your friends, your family, the people you love. Or perhaps you would focus more actively on a hobby you are passionate about.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
If so, then you need to read every word of this letter very carefully!


Because I know that your reality might be further away from all this (and I have the solution – which I’m going to talk later about) …

Let me guess…

You’re sick of trying new coaching programs and courses without getting the results you’re searching for

You have wasted years and probably almost all of your life savings to make it work

You’re confused and paralyzed to the point where you can’t even take one more action, because you’re not sure if you’re just wasting more money

Not to mention the turmoil, struggle and stress you have endured to convert your business efforts in success

Let me tell you one thing

We've all been down that road, and the toughest part is NOT losing money. The toughest part is...

Not Knowing Why Things Are Going Wrong!

You can’t fix something until you don’t know what the problem is, right?

That’s why I have a little confession to make regarding the REAL problems most entrepreneurs are facing nowadays.

First let me do a quick presentation…

My name is Steve, and I am a successful entrepreneur and international speaker (you can go ahead and Google me if you want)

While I’m not someone who likes talking himself up, I’d say I’m one of the very few people giving advice that have actually walked what they talk.

Put in shortly, I'm the total opposite of a "guru."

I'm not that kind of guy who has millions of followers, owns a private jet, and enjoys luxurious vacations.

I'm telling you that I have zero interest in living the "Instagram life."

What I do care about, though, is freedom and being able to do whatever I want while helping people do the same.

Now let’s get back to my confession and two major problems entrepreneurs are facing:

Problem #1

Information Overload

One of the major obstacles to overcome for new online entrepreneurs is information overload. I used to suffer from it in the beginning of my career. It lasted for years. And it stopped me from getting started.

There is so much content and so much advice that it’s impossible to know who to listen to. Everyone seems to give different advice.

In this scenario, my advice is to find a mentor, or learn from a trustable coach

But not a guru. I repeat – stay away from them.

Their marketing sounds tempting, but 99 % of them have never succeeded themselves, and hence decided that it’s easier to make money by overselling junk and lying about their success.

It’s an absolutely disgusting industry, as they often give bad advice which can result in aspiring entrepreneurs losing a lot of money and thinking that entrepreneurship is not something they can be successful at.

Problem #2

Difficulty Finding A Supportive Community

Another big issue across the entrepreneurship community is the difficulty on finding and associating yourself with success driven people that have achieved what you’re striving for.

It’s a fact – an entrepreneur like you has a different mindset than the average person.

And you understand that most people surrounding you, can sometimes be toxic to your goals.

Whether it’s because they’re jealous or they think you’re being unrealistic, there’s usually not much good that comes out of it.

It becomes extremely difficult to progress when you’re met with negative thoughts from those around you.
You start to second-guess yourself; you have doubts as to whether you can really make it as an entrepreneur, and it ultimately hinders your growth.

Many entrepreneurs feel like they can’t even reveal their true ambitions to the people closest to them for fear of being ridiculed.
But all this can get flipped upside down…

As soon as you become part of a community like The Business Think Tank’s

Instead of people pushing you down with negative talk, you’re met with positive reinforcement from your fellow entrepreneurs.
They’re in the same boat as you and they have the same goals, aspirations, and dreams.

They want to see you succeed just as badly as you want to succeed.

If there’s one thing that clearly shows the importance of community building for entrepreneurs, this is it.

Because without a community behind them, most entrepreneurs will fail before they even get started.

A Mastermind Is An Example Of Community…But Unfortunately Most Of Them Are Nothing More Than Fluff and a circle jerk (Sorry That’s The Truth)

But why so?

First, in most masterminds you are taught to use a standard solution no matter what kind of business you have.

Most masterminds or “Inner Circles” basically run this plan:

Get between ten to twenty-five attendees
Offer cookie cutter solutions.
Bring in a guest expert or two to present or attend.
Host the event for two or three days.
Sell  “how it will grow your business.” without offering anything of real value.
. Charge money for it.
Guess how well that really works?

(You know the answer)

Instead, you want your OWN solutions.

In just one group coaching session, fifteen self-interested people often aren’t going to understand your ten-year struggle with your business.

They aren’t there day to day. They don’t know your financials. They aren’t concerning themselves with your business. Most of the time that ticket you paid for will only get you growth-themed nuggets, theories, and boasts.

Believe me, it’s all an old and aggressive sales trick.

Now don't get me wrong I host in person masterminds that blow peoples minds and help transform businesses. I see the power that they can have but those are put together particularly for the specific  attendees and take months of preparation.

I'm talking about cookie cutter, corner cutting, no experience having coaches that are in it just for themselves. Those people are in my opinion doing a disservice most of the time.

In The Business Think Tank me and my team don't use re-hashed generic solutions because that can’t possibly get you what you want.

The approach we use to grow your business will be tailored precisely so it’s going to work no matter what market or niche you are in.

Second, a lot of coaches expect you to supply answers to their questions so they can feed back those same answers as solutions to your problems.

It’s almost as if they’re learning on the job.

Unlike many coaches, I’ve started and sold several of my own companies and I’m currently building and scaling many others
The point of telling you this is that I know what I’m doing and I have the track record to prove it.

Inside this mastermind we’ll quickly develop a strategy starting from monetization, systems, policies, procedures, structure, as well as all the facets of starting, building and owning a business – from hiring, handling employee and team challenges to growing your business, sales, closing, marketing, scaling, and so much more.

Usually you’ll start to get results quickly, within one to two months.

In the weird case that something doesn’t produce results immediately, we’ll implement an alternate approach and keep going (or you can take advantage of my guarantee that I’m going to talk later about)

Why Does The Business Think Tank Mastermind Trump All The Other Programs?

In addition to my real deal experience in building, scaling and selling a multimillion-dollar company, I’ve consulted with hundreds of clients getting jawdropping business results over and over again.

I’ve advised and worked hands on with successful, sophisticated entrepreneurs running all sorts of businesses
Business Think Tank Mastermind is my creation.

It is a group of like-minded individuals all working together to elevate their game - to make more money, to gain more freedom and achieve the life they've always dreamed of

I’ve designed it from the ground up using my background as a successful entrepreneur and taking it in the trenches of the business world.

I tried to hard to make it the fastest growing, highest impact, and most affordable LIVE business and growth mastermind there is on planet Earth for entrepreneurs trying to understand, learn, grow and scale their business no matter what level!

Two times per week there will be a live training where a select community of entrepreneurs along with me will jump on a live video call where we discuss everything from monetization, systems, policies, procedures and structure, as well as all the facets of starting, building and owning a business from hiring, firing, handling employee and team challenges to growing your business, sales, closing, marketing, scaling, and so much more...

What Will You Get When You Join The Mastermind?

  • Access to the extremely private Business Think Tank Mastermind community.
  • ​Access to the LIVE Bi-weekly calls where you can network with other likeminded individuals, build valuable relationships, and get all your business & life questions answered by me and my team of experts.
  • ​Access to exclusive “insider interviews” between me and some of the highest achieving entrepreneurs in the world
  • ​Hours of exclusive past trainings that were only available for previous Business Think Tank Mastermind Members.
  • ​And so much more!


The People You See In These Testimonials Got Something You Can’t Measure With Money - True Independence

After thousands of fascinating interviews with these successful people inside the mastermind, some Think Tank’s members came to me and said that they had gained something greater than money…

There was an air of confidence, a feeling of security, maybe even an inner peace that made these members stand out in a crowd.

But maybe it wasn’t the money, maybe it was the knowledge that they had discovered a way to live well, no matter what happened in their lives.

They knew that anytime they were stuck on their business and life, all they had to do was follow the advice inside The Business Think Tank Mastermind. And in a few days, money would start filling their bank accounts.

Typically, it costs THOUSANDS of dollars to get all these benefits from me and my team
But I wanted to change that.

No one gave me a helping hand when I started. Therefore, I promised I’d make it easier on all those who came after me.

This mastermind lets me fulfill that promise.

My whole goal with life and business is to help people live the life they've dreamed of and avoid the pitfalls and stress that can come from starting and owning a business.

Where most dreams become their own nightmare without the right help.
It’s important to let you know that Business Think Tank Mastermind is NOT for you if…
  • You’d rather spend your time reading and listening to podcasts and trying to implement an effective business growth strategy for yourself, without talking with an expert first
  • You’re not willing to move quickly, or are uninterested in new and innovative tactics.
  • You’d rather use come up with your own ideas (if and when you do), and you believe you already know pretty much everything that’s going to work in your company.
  • ​You already have all the solid business growth advice you need
The Business Think Tank Mastermind is only for people who want to better their lives, learn from top entrepreneurs, and make the life they have always wanted

If that's not you, then stop reading now, because you will be wasting your time as well as everyone else's on my team.

However, if you are someone who is committed to leveling up, networking with the top players in the business owner game, and earning whatever it is you want, then The Business Think Tank Mastermind IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

So, What’s The Investment?

At this point you're probably wondering what a mastermind with all these benefits costs... and how you can fit it in your budget. Well, there are many groups who charge in excess of $1500+ per month...

I mean what business owner wouldn’t invest $1500 per month to network, build relationships, and learn from top entrepreneurs who have built some of the largest business models in the world?

Seems like a no brainer to anyone.

Our monthly cost is only $297 per month. That's it! No hidden fees, no extra costs!

For a limited time, we are offering a 6-month promotional price of just $594. That's only $99 per month!

This exclusive mastermind is designed so you WILL achieve the success in business you truly deserve! And it doesn’t cost the huge fees that these other groups cost!

We were going to launch at full price with the model now proven to be a success, but with inflation and this crazy economy carrying on it makes sense to do a unique launch offer.

So, we went back to the drawing board and wanted to come up with something so CRAZY that it would literally be a no brainer for ANYONE who is interested in leveling up and making the kind of life they always wanted.

While keeping it of the utmost importance that the people who do join have the commitment required to get their heads right and level up with everyone else on their journey.

With pricing that low, and the huge number of benefits you'll receive, the only real question becomes: If you are truly committed to reaching the level of success you know you deserve...

Can You Afford Not To Join?!?

But this unbelievable offer doesn't stop there!

I'm going to make it even more outrageous by giving you my personal unconditional guarantee

Now I know that is a bold thing to do, but I can do it and stay in business because I know that once you join this mastermind, you’re going to love it.

There are no catches to this offer. There is no fine print. Simply get access to "The Business Think Tank Mastermind," try it for as long as you wish and if you aren't utterly blown away by it just cancel, without a contract.

No questions asked.
Years from now, when you look back, you’re going to realize that your entire life eventually came down to a few key decisions you made...

This is one of those key decisions...

There is really nothing to think about. If I were asking you for $10,000 – I can understand the hesitation. However, for $297 – it’s a no-brainer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

P.S: You must hurry. This is the first time in a while that I am offering this opportunity to the general public.

And, like I said... I'm not eager to get overwhelmed with responses. I will keep the special deal I'm offering — only as long as I can easily handle the response.

You risk nothing. There is a powerful unconditional guarantee backing you.

I know how difficult it is to find a community filled with real, honest and expert advice like this. If you aren’t ready for what I offer, that's fine.

Some of the secrets and tactics that will be shared on the mastermind are so far out of the “mainstream” that only experienced entrepreneurs know how well they work.

I am not out to convert you to anything. I am out to share an opportunity that no one else has the guts to reveal.

Join the mastermind today, right now, while it’s still hot in your mind. And prepare to have your mind blown... and your entire world changed forever.

It really is that powerful. Just try not to be overwhelmed at the amount of quality information you'll learn in the mastermind!

P.P.S: Your competition is reading this right now too. And the sharpest of them are going to join. It’s not too late to take advantage of this RISK-FREE offer.

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